Thursday, August 30, 2012

Sassy Saturday: MORE DOTS with butter LONDON

PART TWO of my PVA trip report! This is amazing! The only thing I would change is a thicker glue coat next time...I put the glue on really thinly and it was hard to get ahold of in places.

I wasn't able to get the glue off in one piece in most cases, but removal maybe took 2 minutes. All I had to do was run a q-tip with acetone down the sides of my nails. No damage! No dry nails! No foil hands for 15 minutes (I do one hand at a time)!

For my Sassy Saturday entry...well, for those who don't know, the first Saturday of every month Shelly's Sassy Nails holds a nail art competition. This month's theme was dots! I can do dots! Sorta!

I've been dying to use some of my new butter LONDON polishes (Cake Hole and Squatter were two of the Macy's exclusives I was talking about in the Brummie post). Gobsmacked is just WOW. It was meh at first, all grainy and boring, but after a second coat, Gelous and SV it's perfectly smooth, deep and sparkly. 

Look how sparkly!

The ring I got for $2 off of eBay :)

Finally, here's the Photo Grid I made up for my entry at Shelly's page...

And because I can, I leave you with this! Thanks for reading! K x

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