Sunday, December 16, 2012

Julep Gunta (and the lengths I went to to own it...)

Hi friends!

A lot has gone on since the last time I posted, my apologies. Blahblahblah normal excuses, but between massive overtime at work every week, MoP raiding, my birthday, the holidays, etc etc etc this poor little blog has gone neglected. Awww. :(

Anyway, hoping to throw together a redesign somewhere in the next week or so, I'm not too wild about this template.

So a while back I picked up Julep Gunta in one of Julep's many promos. I highly dislike Julep's bottles, I will say. They're awkward to store and aren't very stable during use. However, some of their colors are worth making the exception for! Gunta is one. It's from the Trina Turk Fall '12 collection. Hellloooo TARDIS blue. Gunta went on smoothly, I used 2 coats for the below. Cleanup wasn't that difficult, as far as dark blues go it didn't settle into the cuticles much. There was no staining after I removed it. I wore this for about 4 days since the color was so amazing.

Here's where the story in the title comes in! I wore this before I made my swatch stick of it, so I'd already voted it Favorite Blue Ever. When I went to go grab it for real swatches, I dropped it and it shattered evvveeerrryyywwwhhheeerrree. Lucky cleanup is easy on granite and stone tile, but my foot was covered in blue for a few days. Immediately after cleaning I hopped on Julep's site to buy a new bottle (duh). The single bottle was no longer available! Like, it's up there but you can't add it to the cart. Nothing on Copious, nothing on eBay. The only way I could find to get it was to order the September Boho Glam box. Seriously, guys, I ended up having to buy the Julep brown mascara and a 2nd bottle of Popova (a green) just to own Gunta again. /facepalm Hopefully the pics explain why and I'm not just's a gorgeous color. ;)

What's your guys' vote for best TARDIS blue polish? 
Thanks for reading!

K x