Friday, August 3, 2012

NOTD: Pink Glitter French

For the last four days (don't ask!) I've been wearing a matte gunmetal grey, so I thought that something light and girly would be a nice change of pace. I painted on tips with Revlon Sugar Glaze, covered that with 2 coats of OPI Coney Island Cotton Candy then sponged with Revlon Sparkling. The whole shebang took me about an hour, which is good because Mr. K was getting tired of waiting to play video games with me (haha).

Pros? I think it's cute, sparkly and Sugar Glaze is from the Scented Treats collection and smells nice. Cons? The whole thing didn't really dry well. I had to be careful for the night. I need to make a spreadsheet of which quick-dry topcoats play well with which polishes, because I keep forgetting and Revlon + ChG quick dry = hello shrinking.

K x

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