Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Ulta Envy - TIOT & ABC "E"

I have it bad for dark greens right now. Like, really really bad. I think that's my biological Christmas clock kicking in for the year.

Enter Ulta Envy that I got with Copious credits. For those who don't know, Copious is a site where you can post beauty products, shoes, jewelry, clothes etc. for others to buy. They give out free credits once or twice a month, free nail polish, yay! If you don't have an account yet you can use my link to sign up and get a $10 credit to use.

Moving on, I expected this to go better than it did...Envy was as gorgeous as I had hoped, a rich dark green shimmer. I had a gold nail art pen I got from Sephora back when they were on clearance for $3. This is a weird pen, the color didn't want to flow smoothly and I had to go over the lines about 5 times. I was going for a gold vine-y, foresty look but since I had to revisit the lines so much they didn't turn out delicately like I'd  wanted. Also, I misjudged how big the rhinestones were. Oops.

But long story short, Ulta Envy...well worth getting! I think I got an older bottle, because it seemed a little gloopy. Nothing thinner won't fix. The below pictures are 2 coats.

Haha, and the ring was another $2 off eBay China special. Before I forget, I ordered 2 sampler packs of cuticle oil rollers from 365 Days of Color. I love ordering things from Sunny, they get to me ridiculously fast in a cute blue padded envelope and her attention to detail is great. I know I'm going to get something packed with thought and care when I order from her. Anyway, because I'm obsessed with Christmas (see above) I chose all her Christmas smells for my cuticle oils. The oils come in rollerball containers (YES YES YES) and a sampler comes with 3 5ml bottles. You can pick the scents you want. I got Christmas Cookies, Toasted Marshmallow, Christmas Morning, Christmas Memories, Country Christmas and Christmas Tree. Phew.

I've only tried Toasted Marshmallow, Christmas Cookies and Christmas Memories thus far but YES! I love them! The smell lasts foreverrrrrrrrrrrr. With Solar Oil and Avoplex the smell is gone in 5, what a bummer because they smell good. I put on Toasted Marshmallow around 8pm last night and I woke up with marshmallowy scented hands this morning. 365's Big Cartel link is above, but she also has a blog and a Facebook...check her out!

Thanks for reading! K x

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