Saturday, January 26, 2013

Zoya Song + DRK-B

So, a couple months ago I got engaged. My ring was custom-made by the fine folks over at Art & Gems Jewelers. When the Mr. announced to me that he'd picked out a TARDIS ring for me, I was floored; I had secretly wanted this ever since I saw the first renders, but since he's very traditional I never in a million years thought he'd be OK with me having anything but diamonds, or a Doctor Who ring for that matter.

Anyway, it got here, I love it to death, so the first thing I did was coordinate my nails and do a shoot! I used Zoya Song for the base color and stamped using DRK-B and OPI DS Radiance. DS Radiance is an amazing stamping silver, and the DRK plates are so worth it. The below is 2 coats of Song.


Again, thanks for reading!
K x

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  1. That ring is Gorgeous, I mean the nails are absolutely lovely too, but I love how it's modern while still referencing Deco. Plus no snagging, how cool is that?