Sunday, January 13, 2013

Pretty & Polished Swamped + Valentine's Lip Balm Preview

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Today I have for you a preview of the LE Valentine's Day lip balm from Pretty & Polished, Dipped Berries. First of all, it smells delicious! Just like the description, which is "chocolate covered strawberries." Mmmm. One of my fave treats :) When I put it on though, maybe I'm just crazy but it tastes nothing like chocolate covered strawberries, it tastes like a PB&J sandwich (sans bread flavor, obviously haha)! Definitely a novelty taste, I loved it. Anyone who knows me knows I'm downright obsessed with food-flavored lip products :)

This lip balm would be perfect for those who like a more "waxy" lip balm; personally, I prefer a really oily lip balm, but for people who don't like to feel like there's a lot on their lips this would be right up their alley. It's really light and you don't feel it "sitting there" after you put it on.

Dipped Berries will be available in a limited edition Valentine's Day gift box called "Sinfully Sweet Gifts" and will include the following (from P&P's description):
The Sweetheart of the bunch, "Pinkie Pie" nail polish
The Sinful polish, "Bedroom Delights"
An aromatic hand and body lotion, "Sin City"
and a sinful and sweet lip balm "Dipped Berries"
Sin City smells like delicious dark chocolate and Dipped Berries smells like chocolate covered strawberries.

Secondly I have Swamped, a P&P core line polish. Swamped is a murky green filled with all sorts of glitters, little red squares and hexes, little green hexes, silver hexes, and more! It definitely has a fitting name, I've never seen a swamp in person but this is what I might imagine the color of one might be :p I don't think this is quite my color, it gave me wildly bad lobster hands (curse you, olive green!)

My camera hates macro!

This is three coats of Swamped, finished off with 1 coat Nail Pattern Boldness Glitter Food &
China Glaze Fast Forward Top Coat.


This color may not be my skin tone's friend, but I have nothing but good things to say about Pretty & Polished. They were one of the first indie polish makers I discovered when I first got into polish. My first order ever was Black Swan and Galactus, still two of my favorites :) I've never gotten a polish from her that didn't go on perfectly, never had to fish for glitters and have always gotten exactly what I expected. A bonus plus...her mini bottles are great! I usually hate the brushes in mini bottles, which is sad because I love minis (you really don't NEED full size bottles when your collection is 1k+), but I don't have this problem with the ones she uses.

Swamped is $4.25 for a mini and $9 for full sized at the below links. The LE Valentine's Day box will be released Wednesday, January 16th.

You can order Swamped and the rest of her gorgeous colors here:
Pretty & Polished
P&P's Etsy Store

For news and updates, follow:
P&P Facebook

As always, thanks for reading!
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Note: The products in this post were provided to me for review in exchange for my (as always!) unbiased opinion.

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